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The Cohline group of companies manufacture tube and hose line systems not only for the automotive sector, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery and motor industry but also for their suppliers. Cohline UK Ltd also specialise in high quality products for (but not limited to) the Automotive Aftermarket.


Welcome to Industry
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Recent News

Brake Caliper

Have a master sample with (or without) a caliper? Send it over here.

Just one of our specialised services...

Making life easier for everyone

Here at COHLINE UK Ltd we are able to produce large volumes of many different lines. Making Lines according to master samples, with or without a caliper is just one of them. See our products page for more information, or click here to see more about this service.

Diesel Engine for AD

Have a master sample or drawing?

We can produce Diesel Injection/ Hydraulic lines for car, lorries, agricultural vehicles, generators or any other Diesel applications.
All we need is a sample, and then leave it to us.


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