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Hans Cohnen 1905-1975

Product Catalogues

The COHLINE Catalogues AFHC and HFHC are in both English and German. Please see below for the wide range of products available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any guidance and technical assistance    (see contact us) -hard copies of the catalogues are also available. Also please scroll down to note tolerance information.

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Tooling Catalogue

Tubes and Fittings:


AFHC Part 1


Automotive hoses (fuel and oil hoses in twenty meter coils), fittings, adaptors, copper joint rings, protection plugs, pressure lock bags and hose assemblies:

AFHC Part 2


Automotive polyamide tubes, automotive polyamide tubes with outside rubber. List of the chemical resistance, general characteristics. Fittings for automotive polyamide tubes and tube assemblies:

AFHC Part 3


Automotive steel brake tubes, fittings and complete automotive brake lines. Hydraulic brake hose lines + refill hose (brake). Tube fittings, brake hose and fittings for air brake installations. Compressed air hoses and fittings, hose assemblies. Quick release connectors (for air brake installations):

AFHC Part 4


- High pressure hoses
- High pressure cleaning hose
- Polyamide high pressure hoses
- High temperature hoses
- Air conditioning hoses
- Fittings - Press fittings
- Screwed pipes



COHLINE also supply a selection of tooling and fitting assortment boxes for self assembly of lines, including fittings for brake lines,  flaring tools, tube bending tools and hose presses.

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Wall mounted for clear display in showrooms/garages/trade counters gives sound assurance to your customers of a top quality product being used in their vehicles:

COHLINE supply brake line centers with an assortment of brake lines suitable for AUDI, BMW, FIAT, FORD, MERCEDES BENZ, OPEL, PEUGEOT, PORSCHE, Saab, VOLVO, VW, Japanese cars, RENAULT and VAUXHALL.

Supplied with empty reels or with an assortment of the popular dimensions of fuel hose textile braiding inside and wear resistant outside rubber according to DIN 73379-2A (edition 11/97)

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PLEASE NOTE that where applicable, tolerances on dimensions are clearly identified in our catalogues.

DISCOUNT INFORMATION - New COHLINE aftermarket customers will be given a discount on all goods ordered from our catalogue.
This discount will be reviewed and possibly increased, based on customer turnover