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Hans Cohnen 1905-1975

Working to your specs
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 Planning your own project or a “classic” repair, but wondering if parts used are in compliance with each other ????

The Cohline UK system is designed in categories, these are already sorted and interlinked.
Every catalogue is designed for its own application, so you can be sure to use the right parts.
Within the catalogue, parts are interlinked with our DN column ( Data Norm ) so you can find compliance parts with ease,
The right tooling for assembly will follow this DN system, so your project will have all the material and equipment needed.

Please see our catalogue / tooling page.


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Needless to say ,our friendly sales team will be more then happy to assist

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Brake Caliper

 Have a master sample with (or without) a caliper? Send it over here.

Just one of our specialised services...

Making life easier for everyone

Here at COHLINE UK Ltd we are able to produce large volumes of many different lines. Making Lines according to master samples, with or without a caliper is just one of them. See our products page for more information, or click here to get help from our friendly personnel, who are  more then happy to assist.


Diesel Engine for AD

                      Are you in need of a complete set of lines ?

We can produce Diesel Injection/ Hydraulic lines for car, lorries, agricultural vehicles, generators or any other Diesel applications.
All we need is a sample, and then leave it to us.

click here to get help from our friendly personnel, which is more then happy to assist.