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Hans Cohnen 1905-1975

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From the largest manufacturers in the world, to your local garage. COHLINE hydraulic brake hose assemblies are manufactured to the highest safety requirements.

They are made to specifications of SAE Norm J 1401, DOT FMV SS 106, DIN 3996 and ISO 3996. Inside and outside EPDM with 2 rayon wire braiding inside. Resistant against brake fluid on glycol base according to ISO 4925.

The vast hydraulic fitting programme can be used in standard vehicles and are zinc  galvanized, Cr6 free passive silver transparent, concurring to EU recommendation 2000/53/EC and 2002/95/EC and have a long continuous durability.

COHLINE produce Hydraulic Brake Hoses to customer specific requirements. Parts cannot be sold separately for customers to assemble themselves due to having to adhere to COHLINE high quality and exacting testing standards. We can however discuss the possibility of customers purchasing COHLINE equipment and contracts being in place if a customer does wish to self assemble COHLINE hydraulic brake hoses. Please contact us for more details.

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