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Hans Cohnen 1905-1975


COHLINE tubing comprises of various types, including polyamid, steel and copper etc. Our polyamid tube meets the German Automotive industry's high demands and covers all requirements of the fuel, air and pneumatic sector. Polyamid tube for use in air brake systems is also possible. All fittings are available, type 70xx are zinc galv....

Our steel tube again meets the high specifications of the German Automotive Industry. DIN specs can be found in our catalogue. Air brake tube (1035) is double walled from a single flat strip with inside and outside copper coating. It has additional outside zinc plating of 25Ám plus a plastic coating. COHLINE also supply brake lines assembled with fittings, all different lengths, separately or part of a brake line center, 2.5mtrs lengths or brake kits (9935.xxxx) packed on tag boards. Tubing can also be purchased on its own with relevant fittings and comes in straight lengths or in coils of 5mtrs. Copper brake tube is also available.

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